Why use an Licensed Contractor?

Summertime in Houston can be a miserable experience if your air conditioning system does not perform efficiently. Additionally, a well-maintained system can help you reduce your air conditioning bills.

The best way to get you air conditioning and heating system running properly is to find a company you can trust to service your system. Here are some helpful tips to aid in hiring the right air conditioning contractor for you.


Hire a Quality TACCA-GH Licensed HVAC/R Contractor that…

  • Has a Current TDLR LICENSE NUMBER, business address and telephone number on all proposals.
  • Complies with state and local codes and regulations and carries the proper business and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (it’s the LAW)
  • Discloses the warranty? Is the entire job under warranty or only certain materials? Is the labor included in the guarantee? Who will honor the guarantee the dealer or the manufacturer? Of course, remember that a guarantee is only as good as the company that offers it.
  • Does that company provide liability and workers compensation insurance to protect you in the event of an accident on the job? Insist on a statement of coverage from the contractor. If the workers have subcontractors, do the subs have liability and workers compensation insurance?

A quality contractor listens to your problems and cares about your comfort…

…While attempting to find out if any rooms are too drafty or dry during the winter, or too hot or damp in the summer.

A quality contractor will show you how to care for your system on a day to day basis.

For example, how to change the filter and how to operate the thermostat. He or she will advise you about symptoms which could signal that there might be a problem with the equipment. After servicing your equipment, he or she will let you know when it should be serviced again. If a new system is necessary, a quality contractor will perform a Manual J® load calculation…

…And explain any changes which might be necessary in your duct system, and present options to help you make the best decision regarding replacing your old system.

A quality contractor offers planned preventative maintenance service…

…To maximize the life of your equipment. A quality contractor honors the terms of the warranty on the equipment throughout the warranty period.

A quality contractor does not offer price as the only consideration.

While it is a major factor, there often are valid reasons for price differences.

A quality contractor will follow up with you to make certain that you are satisfied with the service and with your new system.