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Where can I find a contractor in my area?

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What does TACCA-GH Stand for?

Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association- Greater Houston

What does TACCA-GH do?

Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association- Greater Houston, is a non-profit trade association of service to the independent heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) contractors. TACCA-Greater Houston was chartered by the State of Texas in 1955, and is recognized as one of the oldest and most influential associations in America for the HVACR industry. We have an established reputation for integrity and quality that is recognized locally as well as nationally. In doing so, its members maintain the highest ethical standards of selling, advertising, pricing, installation and service guided by principals of honesty and integrity.

My contracting bids are very different in price, why is this?

First off make sure your bids have a TDLR license number on it. If it does not, your bid may be from an unlicensed contractor and the work may not be up to current code. Second look at the equipment size. Size of equipment can vary the price as well. Was a manual J heat load performed by the contractor to make sure your equipment is not under or oversized for your home? For more information on choosing the Right Contractor Click Here (Link to choosing the right contractor article, under Why us consumer)